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Criminal Law Department

For decades, Levy & McRae have been known as the premier private crime lawyers in Scotland. Our highly rated team has acted in many of the most high-profile and challenging cases and has a reputation for unrivalled case preparation and excellent court advocacy.

In a time of crisis, we are on your side, guiding and leading you through the complexities of the criminal law. We provide a discreet and confidential service for those facing investigation or prosecution, with the aim of avoiding court proceedings and publicity. If court proceedings cannot be avoided our experienced and highly rated team of criminal law specialists will provide you with robust & effective court representation.

At Levy and McRae we have a substantial referral network where we are routinely referred clients by other law firms where our expertise is required. Our standing in the Scottish legal sector is significant. We are trusted by other lawyers to represent their client to the highest standards when they are facing criminal prosecution or an allegation. It is for this reason that we are often referred to as “The Lawyer`s Lawyers”.

Action Advice Advocacy

We listen and provide advice that empowers you when you are facing an allegation or prosecution.

We bring immediate action and sustained strategy to protect you, your family and your reputation. We know who to speak to and when to do so.

We advocate for you from the moment of instruction and we often succeed in preventing matters becoming court cases. If they do, our team of highly skilled criminal lawyers bring excellent, experienced advocacy to court preparation, strategy and all court hearings.

The Lawyer’s Lawyer

Uk Top Tier Firm 2024
Law Societyof Scotland
Neil Hay, Crime Lawyer of the Year

Our values

Our Criminal Law Department is renowned for its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and legal acumen. With a team of highly experienced lawyers who bring expertise to every case, our department is dedicated to ensuring just and fair outcomes. Our approach is characterised by meticulous preparation, comprehensive knowledge of criminal law, and an unrelenting pursuit of the best possible outcomes for our clients. We value integrity, confidentiality, and compassion, recognising the importance of personalised attention and the profound impact of our work on our clients’ lives.

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