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Announcement: New Leadership Roles at Levy & McRae

As a direct result of our continuous growth and our success in attracting new clients, we are restructuring our Criminal Law Department to provide a more streamlined service for our clients.

Introducing New Senior Positions: Head of Regulatory Crime and Head of Private Crime

In our commitment to providing top-tier legal representation, we have established two new senior positions with Callum Anderson becoming Head of Regulatory Crime and Neil Hay becoming Head of Private Crime. These roles have been created to refine our focus and leverage our extensive expertise in these key areas of criminal law.

The Head of Regulatory Crime will lead for the firm on all professional and regulatory crime, including looking after a number of representative bodies and organisations, as well as overseeing the defence of Health and Safety and regulatory prosecutions, Public Inquiries and Fatal Accident Inquiries.

The Head of Private Crime will lead for the firm in all major areas of criminal law and in financial and white-collar crime for professional, high-profile, high net worth and corporate clients.

Both positions will be filled by highly experienced Solicitor-Advocates from within our ranks, ensuring that our promise of meticulous case preparation and superior court advocacy continues to stand. These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and a robust track record of successful outcomes, maintaining our reputation as “The Lawyer’s Lawyers.”

Why These Changes Matter

David McKie, senior partner, said: “This restructure enriches the support and advocacy we provide to our clients, ensuring ever more focused and effective representation.

“We value the trust our clients place in us and are dedicated to continuing our work with integrity, confidentiality, and compassion. These changes are designed to reinforce our capability to advocate for your rights and deliver justice, from sheriff courts to the High Court of Justiciary and all forums where regulatory matters are determined.

Our Promise

As always, our team is here for you from the moment of instruction. Contact us for advice, action, and advocacy.

Callum Anderson 07779 622654;

Neil Hay 07866 734524;