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Health and Safety & Corporate Compliance

Comprehensive Legal Services and Reputation Management for Corporate Compliance Matters

At Levy and McRae we are specialists in the field of corporate external regulatory investigations and prosecutions by many and varied regulators including the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). We can assist with “Dawn Raids” by regulators and guide you through internal corporate investigations into internal fraud, or bribery and corruption. Our seasoned team of legal professionals is committed to providing expert legal counsel, ensuring the protection of your company’s interests and reputation

We can provide an offering unlike any other Scottish law firm. Within our practice we have sector leading experience in niche and high profile litigation matters alongside our work in the media sector. When you or your business is facing a regulatory issue we can act immediately in a comprehensive manner to take control of the situation and the narrative around unexpected event

Tailored Corporate Advice & Comprehensive Legal Representation

Our firm provides bespoke guidance and advice  on intricate health and safety and regulatory matters. We take the time to understand your business, its sector and its issues to guide you and your team through complex legal landscapes involving regulatory investigation whether following on from accident, fatality or failure in regulatory compliance. We regularly deal with the regulators on the other side of these issues and use that knowledge and experience to work towards the best outcome. We understand that conviction can have a serious effect on your business’ reputation and so reputation management and preservation is woven into our advice to you throughout.   

Our  team offers comprehensive legal advice and representation not only for corporations but for individual directors, managers or employees who may also be facing regulatory investigation. We are mindful of the personal stress such investigation brings and have worked closely with individuals to ensure they are supported fully throughout. 

Dedicated Investigation Support & Rapid Response

Investigations by any regulatory authority be it the police, the HSE, or local Environmental Health Office can be daunting. Our firm is committed to providing full  support during such times. With a dedicated 24-hour response service, we’re there when you need us most, offering immediate assistance and advice.

Once regulatory investigation is underway,  our services continue to guide you through the process. We  help you understand the implications, and offer expert guidance during interviews and in response to official requests from regulators for production of materials, ensuring your company’s interests remain protected throughout.

Detailed Advice on Prohibition & Improvement Notices, and FFI Appeals

Regulatory investigation doesn’t always result in prosecution. Sometimes the regulator will look to your business to cease a work practice or to improve it. Our firm provides detailed advice on the service of these Prohibition and Improvement Notices. We help you understand your company’s legal obligations and ensure compliance, mitigating any potential penalties.

Fee For Intervention (FFI) invoices from the Health and Safety Executive and the associated appeal process can be complex. Our team guides you through this process, ensuring your case is represented with the very best outcome in mind.

Regulatory Prosecutions & Fatal Accident Inquiries 

Where prosecution cannot be avoided, our breadth and depth of experience will navigate your business towards the best possible result. We will work closely with you and trusted external experts to drive penalties to their lowest.  

Our firm also has significant experience in conducting Fatal Accident Inquiries. We are  regularly instructed in the most high profile Fatal Accident Inquiries held in Scotland. 

Comprehensive Internal Investigations & Anti-Corruption Advice

Internal corporate investigations are highly sensitive. Where need arises for investigation within a business for fraud, anti-bribery and corruption or money laundering, we provide expert advice on how this should be conducted, ensuring both your business’ reputation and legal privilege are safeguarded. 

Corporate Audit & Training – Instilling the Compliance Culture

Good practice starts at the top. 

We offer in-depth corporate audits, carefully reviewing your existing health and safety policies, protocols, and procedures to advise you on how these can be improved and, through training, embedded in your corporate compliance culture throughout all levels of your business. Our team works with you to achieve your compliance targets and minimise potential risks.

Contact us today for a consultation and let us work with you to secure compliance for your business and peace of mind for you.


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