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Levy & McRae advises clients on a wide range of insurance law issues. We act on behalf of insurers and policyholders who have suffered a fire, flood or other significant event where there is a denial of liability or where the insurer is seeking to avoid the policy.

We recognise the immediate and severe effect these incidents have on businesses and individuals. We seek to engage early to resolve cases where possible and where necessary pursue litigation.

The firm acts on behalf of policyholders in claims against insurance brokers.



Levy & McRae Solicitors has launched an action group for Scottish businesses seeking specialist legal assistance with Covid-19 business interruption insurance claims. Levy & McRae is a litigation focused law firm based in Glasgow that has extensive experience in acting for policyholders, particularly SMEs, in claims against insurers.

The firm has been advising clients and their insurance brokers about the cover provided by insurance policies for business interruption claims since the start of lockdown. Policy wordings vary but there are a number of common features. Policyholders can achieve cost savings by joining together with other clients who have the same interests. Individual businesses, even large successful can be reluctant to incur the costs of pursuing claims against large insurers on their own, but there is strength in numbers – and cost savings.

The firm has a network of loss adjusters, forensic accountants and other professionals who are experienced in assisting policyholders with claims.

The FCA is taking action in England seeking a declaration to help work out which claims should be met by insurers. That declaration may – or may not be final and authoritative. The declaration is dealing only with the policies of eight insurers.

Many business interruption policies do not provide cover for claims arising from Covid-19 as policies often require loss, destruction or damage to property before the policy is triggered, but policy wordings do vary.

Levy & McRae has identified that certain policyholders with particular policy terms that have the potential for cover. The firm is inviting policyholders who meet the criteria below who wish to join the group to contact them:-

  1. Policies include an infectious disease extension;
  2. Where notifiable diseases are defined as a disease a competent local authority has stipulated shall be notified to them or similar; and
  3. Where the infectious disease has occurred within a specified radius of the premises.

If you wish to join the action group, then we can consider the policy wording relevant to you. There will be a small initial fixed cost (£350 plus VAT) for that initial review where we will provide initial advice as to the potential for claims. Those with potential claims may wish to participate in the group to pursue their claims. Those who consider they may have claims meeting the criteria should contact


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