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Criminal Law in Practice

When it comes to making such an important decision about representation for a criminal law matter, you need detailed information on who you will be placing your trust in. You need confidence in their abilities to provide the best advice and strategies to ensure that the best outcome is achieved  for you. Our Criminal Law in Practice page provides information on areas such as who we represent, our approach and more – information that you can rely on to have confidence in our expertise.

The true mark of the quality of a criminal lawyer is to be found in being consistently chosen by those who know all of the available options and want the very best. We meet that test.

Levy and McRae Private Crime team is the “go to” firm of choice for lawyers from other law firms who refer their clients to us when they need specialist criminal law advice. We have a very strong referral practice. We are instructed by firms across Scotland, England (including magic circle firms) and worldwide who require our expertise for their clients.

Lawyers not only trust us to provide the best available advice to their clients. We also regularly represent members of the legal profession who require a discreet and expert service. We are widely regarded as the “lawyers lawyers” in Scotland.

We are also experts in the field of reputation management, including expertise in media relations. This can be critically important for professional and high-profile clients who need expert help to manage the media narrative when allegations are made.

Anyone  can find themself facing prosecution for highly-sensitive, embarrassing or complex  matters. We provide support for our clients when they need it the most. With trust being placed in us for decades by high profile individuals and professionals, we have considerable experience in representing:  



We routinely act for professionals such as doctors, accountants, fund managers, lawyers, bankers, teachers, company directors and civil servants. We also act for high net worth individuals such as landowners, company owners and entrepreneurs. We have significant experience in representing high profile individuals such as politicians, media personalities, international sportsmen & women, and those prominent in their own area of work. 


Companies & organisations 

Our experience is relied upon by bodies such as:

FTSE 100 companies


Government institutions

Insurance companies

Trade unions


Religious organisations

Pressure groups


We are retained by the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) to represent their members.

We have expertise in all areas of criminal law, including:


Criminal law 

Assault & breach of the peace 

Domestic crime 

Sexual allegations 

Serious crime (High Court prosecutions) 

Drugs offences

Road traffic offences 

Wasting police time & perverting the court of justice 

Wildlife crime 


White-collar crime


Financial crime 

Business crime 

Money laundering

HMRC offences

Proceeds of crime 


Regulatory crime investigations by 

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)

Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA)

Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA)

The Pensions Regulator 

The Forestry Commission

We have expertise in every aspect of high quality, effective criminal law advice and representation, including:


Strategic legal advice   

As specialists in criminal law, we provide discreet advice to those facing investigation or prosecution. We also provide confidential advice at an early stage to those who are concerned about their position (often before any investigations have started).   We provide advice to witnesses and complainers in criminal cases, who need advice about their rights as witnesses in a prosecution.

Police interviews under caution

Being interviewed by the police and other investigating agencies is a particularly daunting prospect and one you must be fully prepared for. The outcome of a police interview will often have a profound impact on whether or not a case proceeds further. We provide you with the knowledge that you need, from the procedures that will be followed through to the details of what you must tell the police and, most importantly, what you should not. By contacting us we can liaise with the police, assess the situation, advise you and attend with you for the interview, often at a time convenient for you. 


Thorough case preparation and strategy 

From the moment we are instructed by you we work to protect your interests. We are meticulous and exhaustive in our case preparation. We invest significant time and energy in discovering & analysing evidence, utilising specialists from external experts (for instance in forensic science, technology, social media, reconstruction & forensic accountancy) and in legal research (including from legal jurisdictions outside the UK). We also spend considerable time with you to obtain detailed instructions about the circumstances and background to your case. Crucially we bring strategy to your situation and ensure that, where appropriate, representations can be made to those prosecuting the case which may bring matters to a conclusion without court proceedings.


Excellent Court Representation 

We are experts in court advocacy. We can represent you in the Scottish courts at all levels; in the High court, Sheriff Court and in the JP Court. You will receive the same high-level of client service and expertise in all courts. In appropriate cases we act with leading King’s Counsel and other specialist lawyers, to assemble and lead the best team for your case. Our focus is always on delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients and we pride ourselves in doing so.

We are a modern team and can provide immediate advice to you on Scottish criminal law no matter where you are located. Our principal offices are in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We also have offices at Chancery Lane in London. However, we can arrange meetings with you in your area or by video-conference, if preferred. 

Contact us here.

Our lawyers are available when you need us – on a 24/7 basis, if necessary. You should contact us immediately on becoming aware of a possible allegation against you; we provide immediate advice that will assist you and can often be a determining factor in your case. We go to work on your behalf from the moment you instruct us.

Our lawyers are active in the legal community as members of Justice, The Society of Solicitor Advocates & The Law Society of Scotland. We are often asked to speak at legal events, to write articles for legal publications and to provide comment and interviews for the media. Many of our lawyers have lectured at Scottish universities in subjects such as Evidence, Court Advocacy and Media law.