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Important Information for former clients of Sinclair McCormick and Giusti Martin Solicitors

In 2016 Stephen Giusti and Leo Martin trading as Giusti Martin, Solicitors joined Levy and McRae, Solicitors.


Stephen Giusti and Leo Martin were previously partners of Sinclair McCormick & Giusti Martin (formerly MacDonald McCormick & Giusti Martin) and HBM Sayers (also HBM Sayers Giusti Martin)


Levy and McRae hold documents created by the firms of MacDonald McCormick & Giusti Martin, Sinclair McCormick & Giusti Martin and Giusti Martin for their clients, such as wills, powers of attorney and title deeds. They also hold such documents created by Stephen Giusti and Leo Martin for their clients when they were partners in HBM Sayers.  Should you require access to these or need to update them in any way please contact Levy & McRae who can assist you in respect of these documents and other matters.


If you were a client of Giusti Martin please contact Levy and McRae on 0141 307 2311 or email them at with details of your enquiry.