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Helping to secure important win in landmark discrimination case

We were very pleased to help Joanna Cherry MP last week in her successful discrimination case against The Stand Comedy Club, in which she was represented by our senior partner, David McKie, working closely with Aidan O’Neill KC who produced a comprehensive opinion on the Equality Act. We were particularly glad that Joanna’s pragmatism and wish to resolve the case as quickly as possible was met with such a positive response from The Stand. This case proved that a focused letter with supporting material on the law can lead to early, quick and amicable resolutions, limiting costs for all. While the subject matter no doubt will continue to be debated, the case showed the importance of the law being effective in its practical implementation. It also proved how legal disputes, when properly focused, don’t necessarily need to be fractured or protracted and that competing views and disputes around them can continue to be aired and debated respectfully when the Equality Act is responsibly observed.

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