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Health and Safety Explainer Videos from Ray Gribben, Legal Director

At Levy and McRae we are always keen to explain the details of the legal services that our lawyers provide to clients. In this new series Ray Gribben, Legal Director will be providing insights for company directors and business leaders about health and safety and corporate compliance issues. The series starts with Ray explaining why he chose to become a Health and Safety lawyer.

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“It was a combination because it’s a criminal framework and I started off in the criminal law, not on the corporate side, but more in terms of what other people would consider to be criminal law, assault and that sort of thing.

But intellectually it’s married with a civil mindset. And I also have a civil practice and it neatly blends the two because there are many aspects of it which are civil, albeit they sit within a criminal framework. And not only that, the health and safety practice, it gives you a great insight into a huge variety of industries shipbuilding, oil rigs, farming, agriculture, you name it. They are all affected by health and safety. And it’s very interesting, almost as a sideline to get steeped and involved in someone else`s business for a while and to work along with them and to understand what they do. Very few other jobs would give you that kind of opportunity to get close to stuff that you would never otherwise see.”


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