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Commercial Litigation Team back in Supreme Court

Levy and McRae’s Commercial Litigation Team are returning to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom for the third time in recent years.

The case which holds complex issues of Scottish Insolvency Law will be heard by the five Justices, including the two Scottish Justices, in London on 2nd May 2019.

The case which involves interpretation of legislation concerning the adequacy of the consideration paid for industrial property is of importance to any company considering the acquisition of assets from a company at risk of insolvency.

Levy & McRae’s Commercial Litigation Team has dealt with the case over the last three years and have managed the case through a Civil Proof (Trial) and then through the Inner House of the Court of Session which is the Scottish Court of Appeal.

The Commercial Litigation Team previously dealt with McGraddie -v- McGraddie which was heard by the Supreme Court and Mitchell -v- Glasgow City Council which was heard by the House of Lords prior to the establishment of the Supreme Court.