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Business Skills Training Day for Levy and Mcrae Lawyers

Business Skills Training Day for Levy and Mcrae Lawyers

We recently had the privilege of hosting an in-house Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training day at the Edinburgh office of Levy & McRae. The event, which focused on ‘Business Skills,’ was structured to provide expert insight on key topics of relevance to the Levy & McRae lawyers who were in attendance.

The day commenced with an inspiring talk delivered by Chairman Bill Macreath, who focused on Client Skills. The topic allowed Mr Macreath to draw upon his decades of experience as a leading lawyer in Scotland and to touch upon the many ingredients required to build a successful legal career and practice. Mr. Macreath articulated nuanced strategies for effective client communication, relationship management, and problem resolution. His insights offered actionable guidelines to enhance the quality of client interactions.

Robert Dunlop of Levy and McRae then spoke on the topic of Financial Skills for Lawyers with a focus on time recording practicalities. The importance of accurately recording time spent on a case and providing clear narratives for clients to ensure an understanding of the work carried out on their behalf was emphasised.

The morning concluded with a practical workshop and talk by Ally Thomson of Hey Legal on the topic of Winning Business Online with a focus on brand building and practical ways lawyers can strategically establish a strong personal online presence to enhance their careers through cultivating new business and help the firm overall. Focus was given to the multiple types of content Levy and McRae is now creating including podcasts, videos, audiograms, blogs, presentations and more.

Thank you to our speakers for sharing their expertise and to all the attendees who participated so actively. Stay tuned for future CPD events that continue to broaden our understanding and sharpen our skills as legal professionals.