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Advocating for Women’s Rugby ’90 Days’ Play Gains Recognition

We are pleased to announce that “90 Days”, a play proudly sponsored by our firm which premiers this weekend at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, was recently highlighted in an episode of the popular “Happiness is an Egg Shaped” podcast featuring first scottish women’s rugby captain Sandra Colomartino. Talking  about the play she conceived, this discussion explored the history of women’s rugby in Scotland, focusing on the pivotal 1994 World Cup and the evolution of the sport to its current state, alongside the narrative of “90 Days.”

The podcast provided insightful commentary on the challenges and triumphs within women’s rugby, emphasising the cultural and social impact of the sport’s development. “90 Days” was commended for its portrayal of this journey, underscoring the play’s significance in celebrating women’s rugby.

Our firm received a mention in the podcast, recognizing our support for the arts and our commitment to initiatives that highlight the achievements in women’s sports. This acknowledgment reflects our ongoing dedication to fostering community engagement and promoting stories of empowerment and progress.

We encourage our network to listen to this episode to gain a deeper understanding of the historical and contemporary landscape of women’s rugby, and the role “90 Days” plays in this narrative. You can listen here: Happiness is Egg Shaped podcast…episode with Sandra Colamartino

Tickets are still available for some shows. We wish the cast and crew every success with the production! Details here: Traverse Theatre 90 Days .